What features does Readymag lack the most?

No one’s perfect—but we try to make Readymag more useful every day. Help us by listing the features you lack the most. Our product team will be reading this thread.


Ability to make previous and next (page) buttons, that work globally.

Ability to customise the Readymag next and previous slide arrows.

Ability to customise the Readymag page gallery views.

  1. self-hosted videos
  2. some grid templates to pick from when starting a new website
  3. multilingual translation option, without copying all pages and translating manually
  4. multiple choices for Strype e-commerce (for example various colors for one item)
  5. a possibility to skip/hide sticky items (menu, etc.) on individual pages
  6. to be continued :slight_smile:
  • expand collapse option
  • filters



Simple gradient tool (without codiing).
For shapes or even texts.

Masks for shapes and texts.

More control over typography like optical alignments.

Groups inside groups in the layer panel.

Responsive elements/objects (maybe).


LottieFiles integration (similar to how WordPress does it)

Animation effect for shape widget to change colour

Masks for shapes and texts

Custom Scrollbar

Custom transitions between pages e.g. fade to white

Text reveal animations

Accordion menu widget

Ability to make a group of widgets draggable and stay as a group


self hosted videos! would be great if readymag would offer a great videoplayer with custom controls!

the ability to set alt tags to every element. (Like already possible with images)
(this makes working with customcode much easier as you don´t have to use the data-id numbers, which are changing if you copy the project)

unlimited animationtriggers!


Adding some following my previous comment, also including those already mentioned, just to support the important points :slight_smile:

  1. Gradients
  2. Subgroups
  3. A deeper zoom out, this would be very useful for horizontal scroll pages, or maybe adding a horizontal scroll in the editor, so you can work on different parts of the page, if it is too long.
  4. Video lightbox (for example clicking on a thumbnail and having a lightbox with the video, now it is possible to do with triggers. but if you are working on a portfolio, would be useful to have real lightbox)
  5. When using several lightboxes for images on one page, it creates a single gallery. Would be better to have a possibility to separate them.
  6. Masking options

I’ll echo some of the features listed too.

Something I’m trying to achieve with Readymag right now is horizontal scrolling or dragging similar to what’s on Instruments Who We Are page.. You’ll notice you can drag the photos horizontally. I imagine it would be nice to also scroll horizontally in that manner without having the whole page movie vertically.

Would love to see some integration with Spotify within the music feature. Sharing a playlist or whatever I’m listening to.

Background color transition/change on scroll.


Adding to this:

Accessibility support. Alt text for images, focus states for interactive elements.


Hi! You can combine horizontal and vertical scroll by fixing the widgets. Here’s the tutorial: Tips: Setting up Horizontal Scroll in Readymag - YouTube.

And here’s an example of a Readymag project with the pictures scrolled horizontally: Architects’ Own Houses — Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Also, alt texts can already be added. Just click this icon:

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I think the horizontal scrolling in the example you shared is close but a bit different than what I’m suggesting.

I’m trying to horizontal scroll while having the vertical scroll stay in place. Here’s another example of a row of images that can be scrolled while the overall position of the page stays in place. https://www.acolorbright.com/en/`


I would love to have a search function within the layers palette.



  1. When using Stripe there are no options for different Shipping rates. So you can’t offer different shipping possibilities (Domestic, EU, Worldwide, etc.). Just one rate for everything.
  2. When using Stripe, you can’t have different options for your item (for example you are selling a book that was published in two languages or a t-shirt that comes in 3 colors). You will need to create separate listings and have duplicated items in your shop, or find a way through animations to have a fake dropdown.
  3. When using Ecwid, you need to purchase the paid plan to be able to use it. Ecwid’s free plan gives the possibility to have 10 products, but that doesn’t work with Readymag.
    So if you are selling just a couple of items (let’s say you have published a book, or you have some prints of your artworks, or a few merchandises), it really makes no sense to pay min 15euro to Ecwid monthly.

In summary, e-commerce is a very weak point in Readymag.


Ditto this! I appreciate you can create a wide element and animate on scroll, but an experimental feature for expanding pages left and right would be powerful.


Audio widget that doesn’t rely on Soundcloud or another third-party for hosting. The beautiful “R/m aesthetic” is interrupted when a non-R/m widget is embedded. Another downside of being limited to using a third-party audio embed is that if they make a change in their API, the embedded widget may break.

The generic iframe code that that can pull from a Google drive file also looks really ehhhhh.

I know there’s a lot that goes into hosting audio – I wonder if there’s a lightweight solution that could give users the ability to better customize or skin the audio embeds. Please consider this! :slight_smile:

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Would really like to be able to create sub-collections, or collections within collections, in the Readymag dashboard! Is this possible?

I might add that having the ability to manually sort project folders rather than the ‘A-Z’ and ‘date last edited’ etc would be great. Some projects we’d like to just archive and put away and not have on the main dashboard.

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I guess another one that we submitted a while back was to be able to edit the login page for password protected projects. Even just giving us the CSS names to edit this in code injection would be greatly be appreciated!