What features does Readymag lack the most?

yes, but please make this possible for every element! customcode-work would be so much easier!!!

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It’d be cool to be able to sell templates, like the ones on the templates page but made by Readymag users.


I second this. Big time.


I gotta add to this because translations would be make or break for a lot of projects I would do with Rm.

For translations, the actual text strings on a page should be separated for translations and then referenced within the page by string ID.

In other words, if there’s some way to save the contents of all text elements to a standalone text strings file that the page references by ID. Then all one needs to do is send that strings file to a translator, who translates it. Once translated, one uploads the localized strings file per language and all strings replace on the page automatically.


i think we need a more robust control over the overall positions (padding, margin, spacing), make a component, edit big nudge and small nudge value.

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Also an accordion widget!

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It seems this could possibly be done in a very straightforward manner by expanding on the “draggable” feature (https://help.readymag.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411175760923-Draggable) to:

  1. Allow a set of images that are grouped to be dragged as a group.
  2. Setting parameters for “horizontal” or “vertical” only on the element’s draggability.
  3. Adding the possibility of ease curves and velocity to the dragging.

And one bonus would be the ability to set the row of items to be looping, or infinite (so they wrap around the start over if you get to the end of the group). Just a thought.

A second bonus would be the ability to drive the left/right position change through arrows, like are built into the slideshows.

These features would allow for some really powerful combinations of animation and interactivity.


Easy multilingual versions is really necessary…

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Very much agreed. Readymag needs WAY more support and options for e-commerce. Using stripe, there’s no ability to add anything in regards to quantity, dropdowns for colors/types. Also, customizing cart is lackluster and buggy most the time, resulting in very hacky methods to get it structurally sound enough to launch

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An animation that makes a shape/text/button widget change colour would be great!

The ability to code inject onto individual pages.


Navigate to an anchor on another page


I would love to see the randomize feature be directly implemented in the button widget :wink:

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The ability to hide pages entirely, rather than just locking them individually.

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If an elements is hidden by the readymag interface, it’s impossible to edit it without moving it.

For example, I have a small footer text that is fixed and therefor, it sits behind the page/device/layers/add widget bar in the bottom left corner. Pretty annoying. Would be great to have a button that can hide/unhide all the editing interfaces.

Hey! I’m surprised there are no AppStore and GooglePlay buttons. I think full support of those could be really handy for many of us. By full support I mean: show only platform related buttons, stats etc… Thanks!

I’m sure this has been mentioned somewhere previously but added additional layers for grouping elements would be great (think how photoshop organizes layers.)

I have about a dozen groups for my navigation popup and I have to disable them when editing layers below them.

Hey! You can press Tab to hide or show interface elements. Here’s a link to our Help section where you can find more useful shortcuts: https://help.readymag.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020647532-Shortcuts

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Damn. Thank you! No clue how I missed that one before :smiley:


It’d be a game changer to have something like text styles but for colors, so that whenever they’re changed they change the color in all the widgets that have it.