Lightbox Captions

Is it possible to add captions to a lightbox gallery? I love that you can have a lightbox and that you can create a gallery but without captions, it is useless to me.

any ideas?


Hi @thommy.p you can add captions to the gallery. When you then go full-screen it should show the caption.

Ah I see. Thanks for that.

The problem is I actually want to have several images on a page that open up as a combined gallery in lightbox. Which is easy to do. The issue is that if you do it that way then you don’t get the captions.

I tried making each image a slideshow but then you do not get a combined gallery when you click on them.

I feel like in the “add to gallery” option on single images, there should then be a way to add captions.

thanks for your help

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In which case that isn’t a feature at the moment. I would suggest adding this as a feature in this thread What features does Readymag lack the most?