Tutorial: Links in Readymag

New tutorial is out! Learn how to create and customize links in Readymag.

Links can be added to texts, images, shapes, hotspots and buttons.

cool tutorial.
But a technical question: Have your devs changed the link “behaviour” if you are linking to another page inside the Readymag page? Before: If you go back to a page you have already visited and already scrolled down, you will start on from where you have already scrolled. Now the page starts again at the top. I managed to build a script, that the scrollposition get saved and set again to the right scrollamount, but I think the old behaviour was more practical and regarding a good UX more logical.

Imagine you have a portfolio site with horizontal pageorder and have the first page as overview of your work and the user can click on a “project” and will be directed to (for example) the thrid page. If the user goes back to the overview via a link on this page, the user has to start from the top again.
In my oppinion this is not really ideal. Especially as the custom-code work around to “scroll to” top on a link click (the old way around) was more easy to implement as a logiv to save the scrollposition etc.

Or let the user decide via a button in your interface how this should be handled on each link.

You are right, the behaviour was changed. Honestly it just didn’t work as intended and there were a lot of complaints on this topic.

The option to show the pages at the same place after returning exists: try to set ‘Go back’ option for these cases

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Shame you didn’t add the ability to add custom attributes like “download.” I had to ditch a feature on a recent project because this wasn’t possible without custom hacks.

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Hey! What type of files are you meaning?

My use case was adding a download attribute to ensure the file (in my case an image) was prompted to be saved rather than opening up in a new tab, but we’re also missing the ability to add other attributes and aria-labels for accessibility.

Hello Mike! I really try to make the link for the exact place but on the other page in my project. The anchor tool works just with the same page. Could you please help?