2 general questions from a Readymag newcomer. Super looking for help!

Hello guys! Im kinda new to Readymag and I’m building my personal website. There are 2 questions I can’t find answers for. If anybody can help me, i’d be omega thankful. So, the questions are:

  1. I did set up a header, with text like " home", “about”, “pricing” etc. How do I anchor actual blocks to these text blocks, so people can press on them and go down to specific blocks on the home page?

  2. I got a portfolio block. There is a “see portfolio” button, and I want it to be like when a person presses a button, a pop-up window appears and there are a couple of icons, eg “Behance”, “Dribble” etc, so people can check out my work. How can I set up this kind of pop-up window?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Alex,

If I understand your questions correctly these would be the possible answers:

  1. Create a link by selecting text and pressing the ‘add link’ icon in the interface on the right (see screenshot), you can now select anchor which will let you select the position on the page.

  1. I would be using the hotspot widget for this, there is a lot of documentation on the readymag site on this subject (e.g. creating a hamburger menu).

Hope this helps!

Good luck!

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