Relative Links

Unless I missed it, I really wish there was a way to add relative links into the link component for text, buttons and objects. I can only insert full URLs (e.g.,, but in many cases on the projects I am working on, the link should just be relative (e.g., /name-of-section-or-page/).

Further, anchor links don’t seem to be possible. I do realize it’s possible to add an anchor to a specific number of pixels down the page. But it would be ideal to have the ability to add a specific anchor name (e.g., #section) as the link.

Hope this feedback helps.

Hi @officialcsi you can type the name of your project page you with to target into the link box! For example ‘about’ linking to /about.

I think the feature for anchored links linking to specific keywords I could see being useful but seems to be already handled well using the link to pixels down the page, I would suggest adding it to this post topic: What features does Readymag lack the most?

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Thanks @HEADLESS.HORSE. I did not realize you could type in a page name and that does help in some instances. In many cases, I am creating specific interactive landing pages I am embedding in another site. And the ability to use relative links for a project would help this kind of use of Readymag tremendously, because not all of the site pages are in the Readymag project.