How to link pages?

I am building my first site in ReadyMag and I have come across an issue. Could u tell me how to link the button and the project page? I do it via link → go to page but when I publish the project this page does not exist. For example, on the main page there is a button “about” and I need that when clicked, the page opens “about”

Hi @Anya_Kononova It might be as simple as clicking the blue button once pasting or typing the destination you want your link to point to.

Hi, what if I am trying to link a dropbox video with custome code to a page on click?

Hi, I found it! I leave it here incase anyone else wonders how to do it:

<a href=''>
  <video width='100%' autoplay='true' playsinline='' loop='true' muted='true'>
    <source src='' type='video/mp4'> 
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