Page transitions. new to readymag


I am new to using readymag.
Has anyone had any experience trying to create animated/unique page transitions?
I am inspired by this website:

Especially the part where once you click on an item, the page auto scrolls up to reveal more information on the project.

I am guessing a lot of this is custom code, but wondering if there any in-product features to consider using or if anyone has implemented things like this with code successfully. Thanks so much

hey, there is not a inbuilt pagetransition function. So this has to be done with customcode but might not be that easy.

Once I created this Portfolio in which I found a way to do it.
The idea is: if you click on a link that directs to another page → delay the execution of the link. Move the page you are on right now to the left. then execute the link if the pagecontainer is out of view and then move it back in.

this works not only for left/right, but also top/down, opacity or whatever css value you like, but is, as I said not that easy…


Wow, that is brilliant! Great job! :clap:t3:

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This is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing!
What a great use, I’m going to have to try this out!