Full page with horizontal scroll

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I’m new on Readymag and I’m going nuts with this issue. I’ve been reading all tutorials, watching videos, but I still do not find how to recreate a fully horizontal scrolling page.

I know how to do horizontal animations, or how to create pages and set arrows horizontally to slide in pages, but what I want to achieve is different.

Here an example: https://readymag.com/KseniaD/3282652/8/

Another way I want to know is scrolling horizontally or using arrows (left/right) of the keyboard to navigate, without seeing trainsitions between content, just as a succession of images one after another ([RENAULT X Vania x Muggia X ICONOCLAST_V2 - Google Chrome 2022-11-11 12-06-21.mp4 - Google Drive])

Any help?? I’m desperate!

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I’m having the same problem and can’t find a way to scroll a fully horizontal page loaded with pictures.
I would really like to achieve something like this: Sclavanie (2015-2021)

Any tips or tutorial would be really useful,

I would like to add that I also watched this tutorial:

But I don’t understand why it’s made with the same picture which is made to slide.

Hey guys,

Did you found any solution yet…???

Hi Maria,

Did you find the solution on the issue? also im wondering how did you make the horizontal page / overlap on indesign?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Did anyone figure this out? I would love to know.

What I’ve gathered is that one of their showcase websites has a horizontal scroll Amanda Kullman — AK

I found this video from their page.

I’m assuming all this can be done by animations. I wonder if there is a more efficient way.

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Hi Cristian_Recinos

From what I’ve learned trying (and failing) to create transitions like this, the best way to achieve what was created in the example link is to check the ‘stack all pages vertically’ option. Each one of the transitions on Amanda’s site is a separate page with their own animation. If you look at the address bar, it changes as you scroll.

As far as I’m aware, that is the best of achieving the horizontal scroll. Should help you if you’re building a single page site!