Full page with horizontal scroll

Hi there,
I’m new on Readymag and I’m going nuts with this issue. I’ve been reading all tutorials, watching videos, but I still do not find how to recreate a fully horizontal scrolling page.

I know how to do horizontal animations, or how to create pages and set arrows horizontally to slide in pages, but what I want to achieve is different.

Here an example: https://readymag.com/KseniaD/3282652/8/

Another way I want to know is scrolling horizontally or using arrows (left/right) of the keyboard to navigate, without seeing trainsitions between content, just as a succession of images one after another ([RENAULT X Vania x Muggia X ICONOCLAST_V2 - Google Chrome 2022-11-11 12-06-21.mp4 - Google Drive])

Any help?? I’m desperate!

Thanks a lot in advance,


I’m having the same problem and can’t find a way to scroll a fully horizontal page loaded with pictures.
I would really like to achieve something like this: Sclavanie (2015-2021)

Any tips or tutorial would be really useful,

I would like to add that I also watched this tutorial:

But I don’t understand why it’s made with the same picture which is made to slide.