Questions about ReadyMag Design and Animation Techniques

Hello ReadyMag community!

I’m relatively new to using ReadyMag and have been enjoying the learning process so far. However, I’ve encountered a few questions while working on my designs that I hope some of you can help me with:

  1. Home Page Design:
    I’m wondering if it’s better to create a home page by separating it into various pages or by making a long 5000px+ page and adding elements within it. My website will have additional pages like About, Blog, and Contact, which won’t be featured on the homepage. What’s the best practice here?

  2. Horizontal On Scroll Animation:
    I’d like to create a Horizontal On Scroll animation on a vertical page. Is there a way to make it pause momentarily when scrolling reaches the end of my animation? Any tips or guidance on achieving this effect would be appreciated.

  3. Parallax Effect:
    I’m looking to achieve a parallax effect similar to this example: It involves a video pinned in the background that gradually fades out into a color block with text. Can someone guide me on how to implement this parallax effect in ReadyMag? I’ve seen this question on the forum, but the instructions weren’t clear enough to make it happen on my end.