How to create a form with sections and images

Hello all,

As a studio we was thinking to do a series of these ReadyMag Hacks: showcasing interesting work arounds and creative solutions using the ReadyMag tools.

The first hack we’ve been using for projects allows you to create forms with section breaks!

We’ve used this work around for forms for an event brochure — our client was hoping to have some additional information before a form input. For example, showing photographs of the different accommodation options. Please find below a test project showing this in action!

In short, to your form add a text input, enlarge it’s size on the form (using the blue coloured plus button) and finally make it an ‘optional’ input.

Place over that optional text input section a rectangle set to the project’s background colour to hide it. Now you can go ahead now and place anything over that!

This will just show up in the form submission as empty, you can always omit this blank section in Google sheets afterwards…