Please help

  1. can someone help me with my readymag/spline project?

I am creating my own portfolio for applications and found a really good example to kick off my journey. This is basically a tunnel that was created in spline 3d, where when its scrolled, you basically go through the tunnel/portal thingy which opens up my site. I have imported the code to readymag, but i couldnt figure out on how to make my other page slide in through that tunnel when its entirely zoomed in: I want to add the rest on readymag, because it is on itself a website building platform. All of that white space is in the code itself, but i cant figure out how to make my readymag text or picture appear when i finished scrolling in.

here is the link to clip where you could get the idea a bit better

here is the clip

What about making the first page (where you have the spline code) larger? This way, you have have other content appearing on top at a later point while scrolling the page. I believe this adds more room to accommodate stuff instead of trying to sync the transition from page A to B