Scroll Feature Help

Hey guys,

I would appreciate if anyone could explain to me or at least point in the right direction in terms of how can I do such effect.

I saw this wonderful website in a readymade selection -

When you get down to the projects part, it has this effect that when you scroll, the images and text change but the screen stays in the same place (not sure how else to describe it).

How can I achieve such effect? I am assuming it something to do with animating the widgets and have tried “scroll → move & fade” but it didn’t give me the same effect.

I would be really grateful if someone can help.


It doesn’t look like that page was build with Readymag. If it is, the section you are mentioning was build with custom code.

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thanks! got it. it was done on readymade 100% but I guess it’s a code then

its 100% not build with readymag as you can see in the devtools.

but in genreal this can be done with custom code on readymag, although it might not be that easy.