Any ways/tips to extend the effects delay beyond 9999px?

Any ways/tips to extend the effects delay beyond 9999px?
I am doing a scroll down photographic project and some of the chapters are fairly long.
Because of the 9999px limitation I am thinking of splitting long chapters into 2 but I wonder if anyone came up with other solutions to this?


Hi @Alejandro_Acin there isn’t a way to do so but feel free to suggest this is a feature in this thread — What features does Readymag lack the most?

I do suggest breaking your project into pages or chapters to help with load times. You can still have key repeating elements pinned to all pages so you only have to replace the page content or by creating a template / duplicating a page to help make the process easier!

If you still are having problems with the length of your project I would also add to help with page loading times to order your project layers into the order in which they are shown to help reduce load times a fraction.

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For the sake of being a good internet citizen, I wanted to reply here in case anyone were to stumble across this thread like I just have. I have just been able to extend an effects delay, by doing it as a 2-step animation, where the first step has a delay of 9999px (but no actual effects), and then the second step contains the remaining amount of delay required, and the effect.

Maybe this is a commonly known update or something now, but just in case it isn’t, this is what worked for me today :slight_smile: