Long vertical scroll / issues loading

Hello, I recently built out my new site with Readymag and I am noticing an issue with things loading slowly. Currently I have everything built out in one page, I am wondering if this is why I am having issues.
Do I need to create a new page for each project and somehow link them all so they scroll vertically?
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Site: https://johnsamels.com/

yes, this needs ages to load. One tip would be to seperate the one page into several pages. So you might have a page with only the intro, and after that pages for every project you have: " Dreamers: Film", " Cloquet: New Drugs", “…” and so on. The pages are then getting loaded more dynamically and not all at once.
The other thing would be to keep the imagedatasizes low. Although RM compresses each image you upload by itself, its is even more effective if you upload already a compressed image.

PS: easy and cool designstuff you have there! :spades:


Readymag doesn’t load all content at a time for the big projects. Maybe suggestion to split pages will not resolve the issue.
I’d recommend to reduce the number of GIFs first of all and maybe then to compress manually and re-upload some Images

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Allthough Rm is already loading the content dynamically, splitting the content will drastically improve pagespeed! That is what I have noticed in many built RM-projects. My advice: Plan with a first page with less elements and all the other stuff on the next page/pages.


I’ve got a similar, albeit slightly different issue with a long hitch in loading.

I created a very long site that you scroll through, built with multiple pages (pages stacked vertically). These pages have a number of image and video assets and animations throughout.

For the first 3 or 4 pages (out of 8), the loading is super smooth. Then at the end of the 4th page, all of a sudden the page freezes up for about 4 seconds (which appears to be while something is being loaded).

What’s strange is that it does not appear to be a specific piece of content that’s causing the freeze. I’ve switch the order of the pages around entirely and no matter what, the freeze still occurs at the end of the 4th page.

Is there a certain limit in Rm where some overall height, if exceeded, causes such a hitch?

:pray: hoping someone else has run into this type of issue before.

Hi @officialcsi I believe maximum page heights are around 10000 tall?

Furthermore I suggest reorganising your layers in the project in the order in which they appear. We have found this improves load times!

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Thanks @HEADLESS.HORSE - I will try adjusting around both of those notes. I definitely have some pages that are longer than 10,000px. But, generally, they are in the 5 to 12,000 range.

Good to know on the layer order improving load times. I’ll try that a bit as well.

I’ll drop a note back here with an update once I’ve explored both of these options a bit.

@HEADLESS.HORSE I found what was causing my page to freeze up and it’s now butter smooth.
It was a vector map (.svg) of the globe, made up of dots. It was about 600kb file size. Not small, but not too large either. As soon as I turned off that layer, the problem disappeared.
I replaced it with a 120kb .png file and it now runs beautifully.
If anyone else runs into a freeze-up occurring, check for any vector/.svg files that are too complex or possibly too large.

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