Looking for help in speeding up my Readymag page

Hi there

I finally finished my website with Readymag and love it but i came to the end of my knowhow. The speed tests are really bad and I’m searching for help (of course paid) from someone who knows what he/she is doing.

Information about the content of my website:

  • One pager
  • 2 Vimeo videos (embed via code on autoplay)
  • 1 Vimeo video (included with readymag plugin)
  • 2 video shorts
  • 4 photo slider with each around 10 photos (each photo around 100-200KB)
  • Text with around 500 character
  • using a own domain

Hope the information helps to get an first impression. If you have the knowhow to support me, please let me know. If you have also knowhow about embed Vimeo videos, even better :slight_smile:

My two cents:

  • Did you optimized images before uploading? IMO That is the #1 cause of slow loading.

  • I would also ensure the domain is properly configured. Anything off there and the site will load slower or return loading errors.