Viewport periodically goes black navigating on mobile

Independent of any changes I make to the layout, my site sometimes goes totally black when navigating on mobile—but only after using the mobile menu. Scrolling will sometimes reactivate the page and it will reappear.

Device: iPhone 13
Broswer: Chrome 102.0.5005.87

Wondering if this is a common issue and if there’s a fix.

Hi @brdhll are you still facing this issue?

I am, thanks for your reply. It only happens on mobile.

Not sure if it is good news, but I don’t seem to have any issues with it when browsing on my device only when I use the developer tools on Chrome desktop — I’m guessing it’s something when using the developer tools on Chrome to view mobile?

…also, awesome site! Try adding this to your project head to hide the white bar by setting it to your white colour #f2f2f2 or the yellow colour.

<meta name="theme-color" content="#f2f2f2">


Hello, have you perhaps been able to solve this problem? I’m facing the same issue now, only when using mobile version menu with “go to page” links (I have a long one-page). I would really love to hear your take on this!

I have not yet solved this problem, and can’t figure it out. Only happens in Chrome on mobile.

Hello! Please report this issue to our support team at