Animations not working on mobile Chrome & Safari after update to ios16

Greetings, has anyone else noticed their site animations not working on mobile after updating to ios16 which was released today? Is there a suggested fix? Thanks.

@remotemountainstudio unsure, downloading now. Could be a site wide thing with Safari, any new update will have it’s growing pains.

I’m guessing you’re using Safari? Try Chrome, if it’s is what I think it is it’ll be just a new Safari thing. :slight_smile:

Hi @HEADLESS.HORSE , actually surprisingly this is on both Safari and Chrome in ios16, tried both. Thanks for looking into it.

My animations work but they are very glitchy.

For example, one page has an image of a CD disc that spins in a complete circle. It used to be very smooth and would rotate like an actual CD would but now it has this start/stop throttling look to it. May have to disable it, unfortunately, unless readymade has a fix in the works.

(Using Safari on ios16)

@NGH right exact thing i’m talking about, used to spin like a tire, now looks like someone stuck a stick in the spokes.

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@Eugenia.Readymag @Mary.Readymag @Readymag any updates on this? curious why the animation is so choppy with the new iOS update.

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@Readymag just bumping this thread — appears to be other users facing the same problem!

@Readymag @Daria_from_Readymag Guys, any updates on this issue?

Experiencing throttling animations while scrolling on mobile devices (both in Safari and Chrome). I spend a few days working on project, paid for the plan and then was surprised how awful it looks on mobile.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, Sergey. Thank you for reporting that—we will update you when the issue is fixed.