Animation Load Issues on iPhone 14 Pro

I’m having a very strange issue.

My landing page is quite simple and features a large shape animating in an 360 degree rotation upon page load with a wordmark overlaid over it.

I just recently upgraded to an iPhone 14 Pro and when I preview my landing page it’s no longer rotating smoothly and appears to jump when I scroll down and when I click the shape. I haven’t changed the settings to my browser at all and it’s built correctly in the pager builder. Nothing has changed except my phone.

To clarify, it’s doing this weird behavior on both Safari and Chrome on mobile.
It is also animating/rotating correctly on my iPad Pro, Desktop, and my friend’s iPhone 12.

Does anyone have any trouble shooting suggestions on how to fix?!

Hi @emmasobota there is already a similar thread going related to this issue. Would suggest turning on notifications for that thread while we wait for a response from @Readymag