Scroll stutter with scroll animation on image

Hello all!

I am encountering scroll related problems, and was hoping if someone could help me out to solve this.

I am using animations in order to make an image “stick” to the top edge of a screen, by moving it downwards with a scroll speed of 1.

On preview, it all works smooth etc. but when testing it on my iPhone (SE, with Safari), it is obnoxiously stuttering/jitter-ish. I have tried ease in- out, linear, lowering scroll speed etc. But nothing solves this.

Does someone know what to do with this?

Also, related-ish is the same issue I have when I use “shots” that play on scroll, on a fixed position.
It shows the same issue when scrolling that the entire image/shots-widget is stuttering up and down (by just a few pixels though, but it horrible to look at).

If someone could guide me in the right direction to solve this, that would be great!

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from my experience in trying to find a solution: Its unsolvable. So don´t use the "on scroll animatio"n for mobile. Here you should switch to using it as fixed element.


Thanks for your answer.

Well, in the meantime I also had contact with the support team, and they fixed it for me.
I have asked them if this is something we, as a user, are/were able to our selves, but no.
They enabled something on their end, but apparently this has something to do with a new update they are going to rollout soon.

What they wrote:

I have enabled our back-end feature that users do not have access to, as it is currently in the pre-release stage. It will be fully released soon, but it has already proven to fix some of the older technical issues and glitches.

Hope this helps others in the near future as wel :slight_smile:

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thanks for this info!!! nice

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