Laggy Scrolling Animation

I’ve been noticing that the scrolling animations seem a bit jittery, they’re not quite as smooth as you’d expect. It’s been happening for a while now, and I was wondering if there’s a way to get them fixed? Smooth scrolling animations are a big part of what makes the site enjoyable to use, and right now it feels a little clunky.

For example, on this template you can see what I mean about the stuttering.

Hopefully this can be resolved soon! Thanks!

Try using Fix position; this is the foolproof way to ensure scroll animations work flawlessly. If it is not fixed, it might show that ‘laggy’ effect (more noticiable if the animation’ speed is higher than 0.5).

The problem with Fix position is it fixes it to the whole page basically leaving you with a 1 page website. Fixing the bug or creating the ability to use a mix of vertical and horizontal scrolling pages so you can fix position and have multiple pages seem to be the only options.