Issues with mobile scroll

Hey Readymag community,

This has been posted before but no real answers.

I am trying to have a (on mobile) full screen image / splash page that disappears as you scroll down to the content of the lower part of the page. I can get it working well within the Readymag editor and on my desktop site, but when using my site on a mobile device, it seems as though you cannot scroll.

My “BG image” is currently front fixed, and has an animation where it moves up & off the page / opacity 100 > 0 as you scroll. The scroll animation works backwards (from bottom of page to top) but seems as though when you are trying to scroll from BG image > content (from top of page to bottom) it will not “grab” your finger over the image.

Currently my janky solution is an arrow button that links to an anchor point lower on the page.

If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. I have seen some sites with beautiful scrolling created with Readymag, and am just unsure how to do so.


Hey y’all – found a solution if anyone is in the same boat – once something is Front Fixed you can drag it down in the layers panel to be Back Fixed and it will not interfere with scroll. :melting_face:

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