Mobile Scrolling problems

Hey all. I am having problems with scrolling on my readymag page. It seems as if when i’m using animations that contain opacity it’s as if there is nothing to “grab onto”. So when I scroll with my finger the page doesn’t move therefore appearing static. In the desktop preview this looks flawless and I am sooo ecstatic at the results. But all the time I just spent might be wasted.

The site is (mobile only) Password to view is: 1234

Really hoping there is a solution for this. Makes no sense nothing is scrolling.


Works fine on my side :thinking:
Seems it’s not scrolling on certain widgets. It could be for ‘Front fixed widgets’. If there are some try to make them ‘Back fixed’. If possible

Ditto @Mike looks like it works for us too. If it’s still not working try another device or sharing a screenshot/video.

Looks like a super project :slight_smile: