Trouble with Sequential Scroll-Triggered Animations

Hi there, I’m loving Readymag so far!

However, I have faced a hurdle.

I’m trying to create a series of scroll-triggered animations that appear one by one as the user scrolls down the page. However, currently, all the animations are appearing at once. I have six animation widgets in total—the first two work as intended, but the rest do not.

I’ve tried pinning them to the page and adjusting the widget’s start location on the page, but I’m still not getting the desired effect. Could you please offer any suggestions or help for this issue? Thank you!

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Hi folks, for those reading this or following along.
So far I’ve tried these suggestions.

  1. Make sure your mobile page is long enough to account for the animation; in other words, provide enough room for all animations to get triggered correctly (you might need to leave empty gaps between each set to achieve the desired effect.
  2. The Delay and Speed values of the animation must be set based on your needs. When you modify one, you might have to adjust the following ones.

So far no luck.