Scrolling in mobile

Hi. I set animations on scroll. The idea is super basic, we scroll and object is hanging on spot for some time. Works perfectly on desktop, but it stutters on mobile. How can I fix it?


*following as I also stumbled upon this…

Till now I tried to avoid using the onscrollanimation on mobile.

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Yep! It glitches on speed 0.8-1. But it’s better if you set 0.7 and lower (not suites for all cases of course)

I had a similar problem. I think the solution for now is not to use scroll animation on mobile.
also horizontal scroll works horribly on mobile, because if you have images for example scrolling on the entire page, the scroll doesn’t work over the images, you need to find a tiny spot of background and use the scroll gesture there, which makes no sense :slight_smile: