Swipe fixed widget mobile

Is it right that you can’t swipe a fixed widget? I have a shape that I’d like to swipe up to reveal the rest of the page underneath (needs to be fixed as it needs to stop at a position), but on mobile ( an actual mobile) swiping does nothing. Any ideas gratefully received!


I have the exact same problem. Did someone found the solution?

My workaround was to make the widget a separate page instead and slide transition it. There must be a better way, and I’m still really surprised its not more of an issue, unless there is a simple solution!?

I have the same issue, have a “splash page” at the top with an image that disappears as you scroll down, works perfectly on preview but not on an actual mobile device – @Terry_Foxx , you described a page slide transition, how would you implement this?

My quick workaround was a radio button that acts as an anchor link.

I made my image a BG to page 1, then set the pages to stack vertically/ slide transition on. This is quite a specific fix for my requirements though.
Keep us posted on any progress!