Editing for mobile viewport causing unwanted changes to laptop viewport

Hey there.

Has anyone had this issue and know of a solution - it seems to be a major bug.

I have fully designed my website on computer viewport, and am now in the process of cleaning up and redesigning all of the webpages for mobile viewport.

I’m doing this under the assumption that when I edit my page on mobile viewport, it doesn’t impact any of the elements on website viewport.

I’ve just spent hours editing a page, only to find the website viewport has been scrambled from me editing on mobile view. Has anyone had this issue before and know if i can undo the damage on my website viewport? So frustrating!

Edit: This wasn’t happening before, but now it’s starting to have site-wide implications with some elements. Simple switching between mobile and laptop viewports on any page will now move and mess with elements. Hopelessly frustrated and left with hours of additional work to fix all of this up. Gotta be cautious when committing to build your site on this buggy asf platform.


So sorry to hear about your experience. You can copy your widgets and create separate sets of them for each layout. This way, you will be able to edit them separately. If you come across bugs or need help with your Readymag project, please contact our support team at support@readymag.com.

I’m having this exact same issue right now. now all of a sudden everything messes up when I switch from viewer to editor. really considering switching platforms now.


Very sorry to hear that, David. Please report this issue to our support team at support@readymag.com, they will help you resolve it.

I feel your pain. I’ve learned that you’re not able to edit what you see in the mobile viewport — you need to delete everything and copy over widgets and content, otherwise it screws up the desktop layout. Bit of a pain in the arse tbh.

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Do we still have to copy the layers to edit in mobile?

Hey Lucas and everyone,
Wondering if you figured out this particular mess-up? I am having the same issue at my end, and i just keep going back to the last published date to restore everything. :frowning:

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Hi, I am having the same problem. I spent so much time developing my desktop website and moved onto modifying the mobile. I added a header preset and it’s showing up on desktop. This issue has been happening for MULTIPLE edits ive been making on both desktop and mobile. It’s highly frustrating and ultimately delaying my completion date.

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Hey! Have you tried opening the desktop layout and hiding the header preset in the layers panel over there?

I’m having the exact same issue and it is extremely frustrating. I spent hours perfecting my site and it’s really disheartening to find out that the mobile editor is so buggy. I mainly have bugs like: layers either being outright deleted randomly or rearranged without my doing, changes applying to both desktop and mobile, and widgets being deleted randomly.

It would be great if the mobile and desktop editor were separated so that there would be less bugs.

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How is this bug still a thing??? I keep getting changes to my text

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159,000% lo_and_behold. If there was a way to separate the edits for each device editor, it would be perfect. I have exactly the same problem with random Content and Attribute glitches between editors.

Separation of editors + control to save changes incrementally and go back to previous versions if need be – these would help a lot. (Rather than site-wide catastrophic changes that can’t be traced or undone)

I’m still searching through the forums for the safest approach to building each Device version. If anyone has a good solution or article about this, i’d be very happy to see.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve encountered so many flaws in this process. We are continually working to improve it.

The following recommendations might be helpful:

  • The content consistently changes across all versions. For instance, if you change an image in any viewport, it will change in others as well; the same applies to text, shapes, videos, etc.
  • Options inherit from the desktop until they are customized in the viewport. For example, if you set a different color in mobile, it becomes independent from that moment onward. The same with styles, animations, interactions

There is a window that displays a preview of the widget for the desktop version, which appears when selected on mobile. This helps to demonstrate how changes made on mobile affect the desktop version

If you need to create a widget with different content for mobile (mostly text widgets), you can create a separate widget on mobile. This widget will automatically be hidden on desktop, allowing you to have distinct widgets for desktop and mobile.

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