Mobile editing not saving

I recently designed a layout for web, and am planning to adjust the layout for mobile.

However, if I adjust anything for mobile and view it - whenever I click back to edit… all of my changes are reversed. I’ve tried Safari and Google Chrome, and have restarted my browsers and computer.

This happening to anyone else?

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Work around a few hours today and did not experience this.

Lucky. I brought it up to support and they said it’s a bug on their end, so now I’m waiting for them to reach back out to me :frowning:

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support reached back out to me saying that they resolved the bug and I can now confirm that the issue I had is no longer an issue. Not sure if there is a way for me to close out this topic?


About deleting, I think forum rights can get acquired over time; I could be wrong though.

Maybe ask here one of the moderators?

It could be nice careful the mobile and the camera , like QL in AR or Mixto ,we should scan or slipper it up down ! just finger rush or whats the simple and maybe something happened could be interesting for people have a look