Shapes Randomly Change Color When Publishing or Previewing

Im working on re-formatting my website for mobile on my site and I create this menu bar for the mobile navigation system. On my desktop version the color of the nav bar changes depending on the page and that has been easy enough to re-implement but for some reason the icon shapes that I use for the sides have stopped recoloring from the pasted version when they are in the published or preview version.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Note: I have tried relaunching the site, relaunching readymag, restarting my browser, and rebuilding the nav menu

Readymag Builder:

Previewed Window:

Hey! Could you please send this with a project link at So that we could take a look.

Hello, I ended up just remaking the entire thing using a different shape and it didn’t have this issue anymore. A little frustrating but no longer am dealing with this issue.