Overlapping clickable text and hotspot widget

Hi there!

Wondering if someone could help me with this. Not sure if it’s possible without coding.

I’m creating a sort of menu with project names that when you hover over the text, an image of the project appears. I also want the project name to be clickable and linked to the actual project page.

I used a transparent hotspot widget overlapped with a text widget but it seems like the two cannot work together. I can either make the text clickable or have the hotspot effect.

Help would be much appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:

why not using the regular on hover animation?
this works great doing your idea.

for example see here beneath the intro:

Thank you for your response!
Yes, that is what I’m aiming to do but I don’t think you can have an image appear with the hover animation on text, can you?

well, as I posted an example of this done with RM, it can be done.
select image → set hoveranimation with opacity → select textwidget as trigger.

but you have to set up the “menu” in several single textwidgets, not one with different lines.

Thank you!! I did not see the “trigger” tab!

so the text widget can’t be on top of the hotspot widget by any chance? @neueMeta

well not with build in RM features. With custom code you can also trigger RM animations on click on other elements. But this requires a bit of jquery/javascript stuff.