Hotspot: tips, pins, tricks

The Hotspot widget consists of the content block (Tip), activated by a trigger (Pin). Designed mainly for footnotes and dropdown menus, Hotspot has much more to offer. For example, the Pin can be made absolutely transparent—allowing for all sorts of playful user experience.

Do you have an example of Hotspot in use? Please share!

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I was looking for how to create a simple dropdown menu and after many odd tries, I came across this and it worked great. Thanks for the post!

question! i can set the position of the pin to be fixed to the page, however i can’t set the position of the tip. i’d like the pin to be fixed to the top right on the screen and have the tip always show up in the middle of my page, is that possible? here’s the example: ‘daniels website!’ by Daniel Smelansky its the ‘about’ button

how can l make the opacity of the pin to appear on click but disappear when clicking whatever else in the screen?