Underline when Another Widget is hovered


I am trying to use the Hotspot as a dropdown menu, however the issue with this is that the Menu button for the dropdown menu no longer underlines on hover as the hotspot is now over the top.

I have tried to rectify this using parent and child code, however to no luck as I am new to coding.
If anyone could help me with this it would me much appreciated :slight_smile:
this is the code i have used :

`<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<div data-id="66277d06231d71003cb98c78" class="parent">
  Hover over me to underline my child:
  <div data-id="66277ca9563f03005c60ab63" class="child">Child element</div>
[data-id="66277d06231d71003cb98c78"]:hover [data-id="66277ca9563f03005c60ab63"] {
  text-decoration: underline;

hey… this is not how this works…

you could use javascript or jquery to listen for the button to be hovered and then adressign the element you want to be underlined.

In the forum there are several posts that will get you the idea of how to adress elements via js…
And stackoverflow will give you answers on how to set up the function.