How to keep menu options visible when hovering?

Hey guys, I am making a simple website with a couple of menu headings in the bottom corner. I want to be able to hover over these, revealing a submenu of projects that will stay visible when I move the mouse across them (to click on the one they user wants to go to). Currently I have a trigger from the menu heading, but as soon as I move my mouse off this, the options of course disappear. Is there another way to offer this? It seems like a fairly simple device used across many websites.

Added a picture of the menu heading (‘PROJECTS’) and the hover list of projects above it

you will need to use javascript or jquery to build this little function. I think there is no way achieving this only with RM build in tools.

Hey Ross!

Are you using the hover animation instead of click? If it’s on click it should stay there until clicked again.

I would suggest using the Hotspot widget for this—while a bit limited, you can put up a basic on hover menu with it.