Is there a way to block landscape view in mobile?


I m wondering if there’s a way to just block the landscape view in mobile divices? I really prefer that my web just stays in vertical mode on the phone.

maybe there’s some code or any other idea? Thanks in advance!

I´m afraid that this is not possible. Came along this wish, and tried to achive this, but there seems no way to solve this.

Youc could check if its a mobile device and in landscape mode and then work with code to show a hint to please change to portraitmode…


That would be amazing, actually I was trying to find some examples, In code and also in design. Maybe you have some to share? Thank U in advance! :slight_smile:

I created a hint to switch to landscapemode. After turning the device the desktop version i getting loaded.
(the website is more experimental and is best working on a desktop, as it was created for a exhibition, where the website was shown on a large screen)

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Oh thats interesting! Could you share the code you used for that?

well there is no code for that.
I just created a short mobiledesign of the starpage with the hint to turn the device. and if you turn the phone readymag switches automaticaly to desktop.