Want to Have Different Page Count in Mobile vs. Desktop

Not sure if this is a stupid question or not, maybe it’s ridiculously simple and I’m just overlooking it—but is there some way to have a different page count in mobile vs. desktop?

The site I’m working on has a desktop version with multiple pages, and the mobile version is a pared down summary as one single page. When in mobile view, I have attempted to delete all the other pages besides the first so that I only have one page for mobile, and it deletes the desktop pages no matter what I do. I have looked for a toggle switch somewhere to turn off the pages in mobile or tried to convert them to mobile and then delete them, but everything I do affects the desktop version.

Seems the only workaround I can find is to keep the same number of desktop pages for mobile—so they don’t get deleted from the desktop version—and then go through each page and one-by-one and individually turn off all of the layers in every page for mobile besides the first page (which is the only one I need). Which leaves blank space at the bottom of the mobile site, but it is better than showing a bunch of teeny tiny versions of the desktop pages when you scroll to the bottom of mobile.

Am I overlooking something really obvious (which is highly likely), or is there no way to have one page for mobile and multiple for desktop?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!

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Every page you include on a project will be available—regardless if you enable the Mobile layout or not. E.g., if you add 5 pages to the project, all 5 will be presented on every device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile). If you remove one, it will be deleted for the whole project.

If you disable the Mobile layout for one, then the Desktop layout will be displayed (which is obviously not idea for most usecases when checking things through smartphones).

My suggestion: have a dedicated navigation for each layout. For instance, if you have pages go from vertically for the Desktop version, you can opt to have them be left to right on Mobile; this way, you can separate pages and have them accessible only by links. Navigation can be switched from the viewer panel located on Preview:

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Thank you ever so much for taking the time to respond! It’s frustrating, to say the least, that there can’t be separate page counts for mobile vs. desktop—but at least it’s such a relief to know I’m not overlooking something! I felt like I must be going crazy.

Thank you for offering a suggested solution as well! That makes sense, I’ll give it a try! I’m thinking of either going with your suggestion or trying to turn off all the elements for the mobile pages that I don’t want, and then shrinking them down (height-wise)—or maybe both.

I appreciate your help and expertise! It really helped ease my mind.

Cheers! And have fun designing! 🫱🏼‍🫲🏻


Hello there,

Im having a similar albeit different issue or hurdle should i say.

I am reformatting the information on my desktop design to work on mobile. I have a lot of baggy space at the end of one of the mobile pages, because i dont need it in the mobile spacing for some reason… how do i shorten the mobile page without changing the desktop?



The length of page works separately per layout. For example, page one can be 300px on Desktop and have it 700px on Mobile. The length can be changed dragging the blue thingy or typing the desired value (see pics).