Ecwid's Date Picker Buy Button through code needs to be refreshed twice to appear

Hi all, l am trying to finish building a rental shop site on ReadyMag through Ecwid’s Venture plan. Currently ReadyMag’s Buy button widget doesn’t integrate Ecwid’s Date Picker option, making it impossible to have a rental shop, at least not through Ecwid and Readymag’s buy button widget.

l had to integrate our shop to ReadyMag through the code widget, and now the website is almost ready and the only problem l have is that the website needs to be refreshed 2 times before showing the widget.

Here’s the response l got from Ecwid’s behalf:

l obviously don’t want to use their “New-gen Instant Site” because we want our ReadyMag project to be our website at launch and other reasons l understand l don’t have to mention here, only that also l got to know about Ecwid just because of my ReadyMag subscription and l feel comfortable with ReadyMag. Honestly l would prefer a solution from ReadyMag’s part, or at least to understand if the Buy Button Date Picker is going to be updated anytime in the future thinking in users who have other type of shops, like a rental shop, just for me to understand how to proceed with the site or if l will need to get away from ReadyMag until this is solved which l really don’t want to and would be my last resort.

l think it might be an ajax problem and it might be resolved through some coding; maybe forcing the widget to automatically load since the first interaction with the site, and that would be awesome too, almost close to having the site up and running only need this problem out of the way and l can’t afford to lose another month with the site down because of this.

Many thanks for your time,

Readymag’s e-comm widget won’t help here. You’ll have to either:

  • Add all e-comm assets via code (whatever options Ecwid provide—I think they have a few embedding options that you should easily include via the Code widget).

  • The long road would be code your way in and try to alter Readymag’s e-comm widget (not sure how feasible this would be, though).

Hi @Samus , thank you for your response and yes this is not e-comm widget, it is already the “code” widget as the e-comm widget is super limited l had to take it out completely.

The problem comes only when entering any page link that has a store product linked to it through the home page, when l enter any product page directly they work just fine.

If l go to my front page and click a product thumbnail that takes me to the product page, l have to refresh the page twice or three times to see it.

You think that maybe this can be solved by adding something to the code widget that allows loading all ajax / javascript codes automatically as soon as someone enters the front page?

Not much of a coder here—sorry :cry:. Perhaps other lads here might be able to shed some light. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hi Samus, l really hope so, it shouldn’t be that difficult to fix this bug and would be beneficial to both ReadyMag and Ecwid to solve it, but unfortunately they answered to us saying this is a problem only possible to be solved by @Readymag’s team:

Does ReadyMag have any support in this forum?

hello Olga! thank you for sharing. our support team will check out the details you provided in your email and reply to you over there.

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Thank you so much! awaiting for your reply.

Hi there @Readymag ,

Any updates on this subject?
Thank you

Hi @Readymag, any idea on how long it normally takes the support team to get into small issues similar to this one? would really love to start running the store this January, just a little help from you guys could make my whole season! l think it might have something to do with the project not loading javax at the start because when you go straight to the pages with the store, the code loads without problems, just in case it can help support’s team somehow, thank you so much again for your time.

Hello Olga! Unfortunately, we cannot provide you a timeline or promise that the issue would be resolved soon. Did you send an email with details at If not, please do that, it’ll be easier for us to assist you over email.

hello… yes l did… no luck at all, just received a generic response saying that @Readymag doesn’t support Ecwid’s date picker option, basically sending me back again to the forum:

l already talked to a bunch of web developers and they all told me that the problem comes from Readymag not sending the fetch data correctly to ecwid, not a problem of the Date Picker or the Code itself, so basically the only party that could help me is Readymag, but refuse to do it, l have a business plan therefore l understand this should be addressed by @Readymag in a more serious matter:

All professional developers agreed this is a fetching problem, demonstrating that the problem is not in the form or in the code but caused by ReadyMag not sending the data back from Ecwid, causing the form to appear randomly on the website, and l feel there is no support in this bug by Readymag, the only ones with the ability to fix it.

Could you please give me a solution? would l need to move my project because of not getting simple support?

Hi @Readymag , again, another developer found that the issue is a credential problem between Readymag and #Ecwid:

does business plan receive any support from Readymag?

@Olga_Kostyrko, our dev crew had a closer look at this, they advised to enable the iframe toggle:

Could you please try that and verify if code works as expected after that?

hi @HuV and thank you for your reply l really appreciate it. After following the three steps in all products the widget now seems to consistently appear on the website, the only problem is that now it encapsules all other coded widgets of the page into the frame and the main cart doesn’t refresh when adding products, instead it shows a new cart button inside of the frame:

If we could fix this the site would be up and running! thank you again for looking into it.

@Olga_Kostyrko let me passed on this new information to our dev crew. We’ll come back ASAP with new insights.

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hi @HuV, thank you, patiently awaiting for feedback.

@Olga_Kostyrko, our devs confirm there are several aspects of Ecwid’s catalog that won’t fully align with the state of our integration. The current version provides limited functionality.

We’re actively researching new ways to enhance the e-commerce options offered; although, no updates are expected to be delivered for this integration for now.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by these limitations.

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hey @HuV, thank you for your response, guess l will have to take my business elsewhere. Good luck thinking about those updates.

Absolutely appreciate your feedback, and we completely respect your perspective. Best of luck on your business journey!