Show Ecwid's Product Option on ReadyMag

Hi all, l am building a rental shop site on ReadyMag and just paid for Ecwid’s Venture plan. l connected ReadyMag to the Ecwid just fine but in order for my site to work l need at least to get the Product’s option to be able to appear in ReadyMag somehow, problem is l can get the products on the cart before selecting the rental date, and l even get the error to appear on readymag (the irony) but not the Date Picker Option:

Any help here would be highly appreciated :slight_smile: also would be great if someone could help me add Ecwid’s storefront’s login form to my site, so my clients could check past orders through Readymag (not having to go to Ecwid’s “instant site” as it looses all sense and purpose of me using ReadyMag :frowning: )

Many Thanks in advanced <3

l need at least to get the Product’s option to be able to appear in ReadyMag somehow

It is not fully clear which Product’s option you are referring to here? It is one coming from Ecwid?

hi Samus, thank you for your response. The product option is from Ecwid yes, it is called date picker:

all l need is or the option to do open a button with the date picker, or a way to get that element from Ecwid’s code without the storefront to pop up instead. Many thanks for your time.

I see. I don’t think Readymag’s current integration with Ecwid will support this. This does not mean it is not possible to implement that through Ecwid’s own embedding options but it will mostly work standalone and not in sync with the e-commerce widget.

uff such a shame, l got to get the element in the code section of the readymag builder:

but when publishing and seeing the website l still get the storefront first:

do yo know any way for me to get the code section of readymag straight to the element without showing the storefront @Samus? l think l am very close to get this done! appreciate your time.