E-com : Translate "Cart" and "add to cart" widget in other languages

Hi there,

I know that for now there is still no multi-language for readymag. I usually do it manually, duplicating pages and widgets. My issue today is that I cannot duplicate the cart widget and change its name to translate it. I would like to change it to “ajouter au panier” and the cart button to “panier” in my pages in french. Anyone found a workaround for this?

Thank you!

After reaching out to the RM support about this they suggested to use weglot. It is a service that translates an entire site to any language on a sub-domain. I tried and the translation worked but unfortunately the custom fonts that I am using are not active on the weglot version of the site. I reached out to RM support to let them know but since it is a custom solution they could not provide with any more help. Another issue I had with weglot is that because some length of text differ from english to french, one of the animation was broken.

Other than that weglot as a service is pretty cool. I wish custom fonts were supported. (has to do with authorizations apparently).

Anyway, so far, no luck on translating the ECWID integrated dynamic elements. So all the ECWID e-com side will be in french. I saw an option on ECWID where the ecom website can detect the user’s language and auto-translate but it is only available to the business tier. I’ll ask their support if this option also translate the RM integration and report here.

could you provide a link to the page or the problem? I think you should be able to change the text via jquery/javascript. Not sure, but I could have a look.