multilingual web site, is it possible?

Hello, I’ve just started working with ReadyMag and I was wondering if it’s possible to have a site that’s bilingual. My question is whether it’s possible to have a button that changes the text to English when it’s pressed, without having to have separate pages. Does anyone know if this is possible?
Thank you

(Asumiendo que hablas español!) Yo creería que por el momento no hay otra forma más que de literalmente crear paginas nuevas manualmente traducidas al idioma en cuestión. Es un embóle, pero es la forma más primitiva y funcional de hacerlo, lamentablemente :frowning:

with customcode sure, but regarding how big/how many textelements you have it might be some work.
If you have a onepage RM site you can do it with animations (fade in secondlanguage text on click on button and fade out first language textelement)

If possible, it won’t be easy. The easiest solution is to duplicate pages or create separate projects and link them inside your account settings.