Triggering a second action on a second click


I can move Object A onto the screen when Object B is clicked.

How do I move Object A back off of the screen when it is clicked? (or when Object C is clicked, for that matter)

Thanks for your help!

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In this case, clicking B will automatically reset to the initial state (prior animated); for example if clicking object B moves Object A 100px to the left then clicking it again will revert it back 100px to the right. Same goes if you add a secondary trigger.

Think of triggers as on/off light switches; even if you have 2 or 3 of then, light will either turn on or off.

and what about if you want any click anywhere outside object B to revert it?

Don’t think that is possible; animation is only initiated/reverted when interacting with the triggers you specify. I guess you could place a big transparent shape or something similar around object B, so when clicking around it ‘affect’ the animation.

Tricky though :upside_down_face: