Animation toggle "once/user" - issue with page reload

I’m having an issue with a page that is meant to be a sort of sequential journey - every button the user clicks leads them to the next item on the page. For that reason I’ve selected “once/user” under the display settings for each animation, because there are a few triggers that are meant to be clicked twice. Under normal circumstances, clicking the trigger a second time would result the the animated element disappearing (because my animation is an opacity change from 0-100). So when I toggle “once/user” the animation happens once, and then the element remains (which is what I want!).

The issue is that when a user reloads the page, the animation never happens again. It only ever happens the very first time someone visits the page. Is there a workaround for this? I would like the animation count to reset on page reload.

The ‘once per user’ stuff won’t work here, as it will simply make the animation happen one time per person. Can’t think of any other option, though :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Actually managed to solve this by mapping my animations a bit differently… the “play” buttons would trigger themselves to disappear + trigger a new button to appear which only controlled the next steps. phew!

Sort of like temporary triggers? :thinking: Nice, great idea! Happy you worked it out.