Animations Triggers

I’m using animations with triggers but I noticed an annoying little downside…
The animation will work great with the designated trigger but also apply/trigger with itself!

For example let’s say I have a picture/video (shots actually) at the bottom of my page.
I also added a text over the image that should only appears once you hover your mouse over the picture (I don’t want the text to be seen too quickly while scrolling).
So I added an animation to the text with Hover → Opacity (0->100) and added the trigger “Hover over” with the picture. It works well.
HOWEVER the text animation is triggered again and again when I hover my mouse on the text…
It’s like setting a trigger add one but actually also keep a “default trigger” with itself!

I hope there is a way to fix this. Any help would be appreciated!

I added a gif below demonstrating the problem. Thanks! (1)