Toggle button that shows/hides groups

Hey folks
First, LOVING Readymag. I think I may have discovered a use case it doesn’t support (yet) tho.

I am trying to place a toggle button above a section of my page that changes the contents of the page, and changes appearance. I can get the button to hide or show content and itself on click, but getting it back is another issue.

Any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

if i got you right: you could set up a transparent shape above the button and use this as the trigger for all the changes. the button would not been shown, but the “trigger” still is.

Thanks for the reply.

What I ended up doing was referencing a toggle button set to A active that shows B content and hides A content on click as the trigger for all B content. The click ALSO hides the button, showing a button to show the A content, hooked up to hide all B and show all A content. A little messy and I ended up going a different, simpler rout :slight_smile:

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