SHORTS ON MOBILE (make it autoplay)

Hello, I’ve been using the shorts tool on my desktop version, and it works great. However, when I try to use it on mobile, of course the hover function doesn’t work on mobile, and clicking one by one on mobile doesn’t seem very intuitive. I wonder if it’s possible to set autoplay on mobile devices or any other solution for a similar effect?

Thank you

Hello! Shots’ events for Desktop and Mobile versions are set independently. Events available for the Shots widget on mobile are Touch move, Hold, Tap, and Scroll. Learn more at

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Do you need it to autoplay on mobile only? Maybe you can hit the Shots on the Mobile layout and present a GIF or video (with autoplay) instead.

Hey, thanks for replying.
I am now considering in having it autoplay on desktop too.
But I tried to upload a video instead but doesn’t look as good a shorts, and gif just look a bit off with the quality for what I need.

I’ve been trying to apply a code to set a autoplay on the trigger of the shorts, but not getting there. Any chance that this might work? haha

Did you getting working? I have not test this myself.


Unfortunately, no. I’ve attempted to add videos, but the YouTube watermark appears. Additionally, depending on the ratio, black borders will appear. This doesn’t occur with shorts because they adjust the ratio by cropping the image instead of adding black space. I don’t want it to resemble a video on the website, so adding it via YouTube or Vimeo disrupts this aestheti :confused: