Videos not showing in published project/prewiev


I have used the code-widget to setup some videos from dopbox on my website, according to the steps here:

It works fine while in editing mode, but when i prewiev the project and look at the published version, the videos are missing.

can someone please help me with this?

  • André

Found a workaround for this by adding all the videos as Vimeo videos in a widget instead. But now when viewing them on mobile the “tap to unmute” symbol is not going away, even if i unmute. Can this be fixed? Ilustrated in screenshots

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The only workaround I’ve found so far is to do make a copy of the video and put the original video out of sight on mobile and exchange it with the copy - then change the settings of the copy in a way that doesn’t autoplay. People will have to click the playbutton on your video on mobile though and in the browser it will autoplay.

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Okay Thanks! I will also try that out. Do you know if conten out of sight will disturb the working of the page in someway or is that unbroblematic?

I haven’t had any problems with this method so far, but perhaps there is an even better way? Feel free to ping me if you find it :v: