Seeking Long form Readymag freelancer

I’m an art director looking for some assistance with a long-form Readymag publication. We have designed the first issue for our client so have a style to replicate ongoing. Now that we are in production with our second edition, I’m looking for a freelancer to assist with populating pages in both mobile/desktop formats. This is more magazine less website orientated.
If you’re interested, pls respond with a message here along with your contact details and any portfolio links and I’ll happily share our publication details to help flesh out a suitable freelancer fit for our project.


Hi Dallas, my name is Nico and I am interested in this role, by long form I’m assuming that you mean long form writer? I am a creative writer, translator, and blogger. If so I would love to work with you. My portfolio is in the works at the moment but I have an easily accesible published piece linked below.

If this interests you please reach out to me at or shoot me a text at +1 4438087342 for additional works or further conversation.

Looking forwards to your response.

Hi Nico, apologies, I’m looking for a designer to assist with long-form article design.
Thanks for your response though… will certainly keep you in mind if any editorial requirements come up for us. Thx.

Thanks for your response Dallas! Sounds good and good luck.

Hi Dallas,

I’d be happy to lend a hand with populating pages for your Readymag publication.

I’ve got a solid background in long-form digital publishing and responsive design, so I’m confident I can help replicate your established style across both mobile and desktop formats.

You can reach out to me on my email here


Hey Dallas!

I’d love to collaborate—my overall experience could also be suitable for both replication and expansion of the current style.

Here ( are some of my previous Readymag projects. Also feel free to check my other works here (made on Readymag as well).

My email and Calendly.

Thanks and have a great weekend!