Optimisation for Lighthouse performance


I’m trying to pass all the scores on Google’s Lighthouse performance test but struggling to do that. I got rid of all of the animations and left only one widget. I have the “progressive images” toggle enabled. Project is divided into pages, just a few images, nothing heavy. Is there an option to achieve “all green” scores on the Gtmetrix test?

I’ve read that (How to make your Readymag project load quicker | by Readymag | Readymag), and am looking for something more.

Do you have any experience with this matter? What does the Gtmetrix say about your pages?

Hi at @StanleyHarrison sounds weird, but in the project layers, ordering them as they arrive I found shaves tiny amounts of load times.

Hi @HEADLESS.HORSE! I’ve seen you recommend this solution on a different thread. I might give it a shot, but honestly, I don’t think that’s going to make a noticeable improvement. I’m attaching my Gtmetrix score below – apparently what I need is not “tiny amounts” but huge amounts :slight_smile:

Every little helps! :slight_smile: Any chance you can share the project link here?

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Looks like it’s your shots feature that is really heavy, but that’s to be expected.

But removing it doesn’t improve the score. I’ve ripped every animation and widget off from the copy of this project and the google lighthouse performance is only slightly better.

Better to contact support then support@readymag.com as it sounds more like a tech related issue than a project one. Any site builder using no code comes with limitations.

That’s what I thought but I hoped that maybe users came up with some workarounds. I bet that the fact of using no code while building it makes a lot of mess in the actual code :slight_smile: And it might position the website in the google performance that low.

Can only suggest the idea of exporting the project code off Readymag and hosting independently and from there trimming the fat off.

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Do you mind sharing your top hosting platforms? I am interested in this method, but have not attempted yet. Thanks