Mute / Unmute button


I embedded a video on my website using the following code:

video width=‘100%’ autoplay=‘true’ playsinline=‘’ loop=‘true’ muted='true'>

<source src='' type='video/mp4'

is there a way to create a button that toggles the mute on and off?

this is possible yes.

add this in the videotag: class=“video1”

and add this inside the before section, where the “$(‘[data-id=5fae55fd3763d800cdfe4f29]’)” represents your button.

$('[data-id=5fae55fd3763d800cdfe4f29]').on('click', function() {
    $(".video1").prop("muted", !$(".video1").prop("muted"));


haven´t tested it, but this will give you the right direction though.

did you get to make it work? I tried but the button is not recognized :frowning:
is there another way to do this?