Audio & autoplay

hello! i would like to have the sound loaded on autoplay. how to make it? any advice on that?
i would be super grateful!

thats not possible…
all browsers are blocking media which is unmuted and has autoplay. but you could implement the unmut on a click anywhere or on a specific button ore so.

thank you. then i will reframe my question: is it possible to have the audio starting on hover? also, i would like not to have the ugly soundcloud widget and insead, replace it with my picutre.
unfortunately i cannot find anywhere a relevant information.

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hi I am also searching for this… did you find how to do that?

I’m likewise very interested in an auto-play solution (even if muted by default).

In general, any alternatives to hosting audio via SoundCloud? If find their widgets ugly and visually obtrusive.

here you can find a good knowledgebase about html5 audio tags.
You can implement it in a RM-custom code widget.

And again: to autoplay a video/audio the user has to click at least once somewhere on your webpage, otherwise it gets blocked by the browser!!