How do you hide the video thumbnail play button using code?

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Hoping someone can help me — I want to hide a video thumbnail play button, but can’t figure out how. There isn’t an option in the settings, so I assume you need to use code injection. Does anyone know the correct piece of code to achieve this?

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@Hi_Rez maybe you can try something like OneLinePlayer; it works well (every now and then their code gets messed up but good overall). If you don’t like that one, I’m sure a quick Google search can bring up alternatives.

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Thanks @Samus That looks like a good solution. It was actually the Readymag Play button I needed to hide, but this could be a good alternative.

Mmm, tough one. There is no option for hiding just the play button. It’s part of the player API.

Although, some videos won’t show it based on the subscription tied to the video source (premium Vimeo users, etc.); so if you have one of those, you should be able to edit that over at your vimeo account. Might be the same with YouTube but I have never personally used YouTube vids so dunno.

Amazing recommendation

When viewing from the editor it looks fine but when going to the published page the video does not appear. Do you know what it could be?

Were you able to figure it out? If not, send the code you are using to take a look.

HELLO! Yeah. It’s because of the plan i am currently on. Thank you :slight_smile:

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